Saturday, 30 July 2011


“Kilncarving” is a term to describe
a simple kilnforming process that achieves a bas relief,
textured, or sculpted look in glass. The process involves
cutting a pattern or design in ceramic fiber paper, then
stacking glass on top of the pattern and firing the piece in
a kiln. During firing, the underside of the glass conforms to
the ceramic fiber paper pattern, assuming its contours and
Kilncarving is a good beginning technique. In trying
it, you can learn how glass reacts with heat at various
temperatures, and you can achieve some beautiful shapes
and patterns with only minimal glass cutting and fusing.
The two primary materials used in this process are glass
and ceramic fiber paper. The primary tool—besides a
kiln—is an X-Acto knife.
The panel shown of the Frog in the Bullrushes, has been
coloured using different powders and frit.
Come to a class and try your hand at making
a kiln-carved creation in transparent bullseye glass.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Making Your Dichroic Pendants

  1. Sketch your design
  2. Cut at least two 3ml pieces of glass for each pendant
  3. The Dichroic glass may be placed in between or on top of your layers of glass.
  4. Wash and dry thoroughly using soapy water or methylated spirits to remove oil and fingerprints.
  5. Fire at 790c for 24 to 36 hours for a fully fused finish.
  6. If your pendant requires grinding back after the first firing, you can fire-polish the edges at 630c for another 24 hours.
  7. Only remove glass pieces after your kiln has completely cooled.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A bit about me

I choose Bullseye Glass for its vibrant colours and textures. Also its ability to fuse and create beautiful bubbles and craters, textured surfaces, and multiple shadings, all of which form an integral part of the finished piece! …..Each piece that you choose to own is unique. Platters, bowls, panels and jewellery - designs based on the beauty of Australia’s Outback or its reefs, right through to the contemporary.

More later .... come back soon